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              About The Company

              About The Company


              We are a California company that has been manufacturing wall décor and accessory products since 1974. Our mission statement is to produce the highest quality North American manufactured products at the best possible value prices. Our current product line consists of  the following 2 distinct divisions:


                   Encore Decorative Accessories: Hand finished home accessory products

                   The Casey Collection: Outdoor rated architectural element products


              These two divisions are produced in our 250,000 square foot facility in Tijuana, Mexico. One of the distinguishing characteristics of our lines is the level of skill we possess in creating desirable finishes. Hand applied leafs, lacquers & patinas make our products look more than production merchandise.


              The following is a list of company capabilities that make us a valuable source for our current customers:


                   Ability to Produce Design Specific Merchandise

                   Quick Lead Times (4-6 Weeks)

                   Fashion Forward Merchandise

                   Competitive Pricing (Manufacturer Direct)


              If you are a customer now, we thank you for your business, if you are not yet a customer we are confident that you will be pleased with the quality and value of our products should you decide to order.


              Discount Structure


              Orders paid within terms qualify for the following discounts (discount applied to the merchandise total):


              Orders greater than $1,000 receive a 5% Discount

              Orders greater than $2,000 receive a 10% Discount

              Orders greater than $3,000 receive a 15% Discount



              Important Terms and Conditions of Sale


              1) There are no minimum purchase orders

              2) Ordering customers must provide a copy of their state resale certificate

              3) Shipping is FOB San Diego via UPS ground service

              4) Our standard sales terms are 50% down, and 50% before shipping
              5) Lead time is 4-6 weeks


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